Welcome to Lisa Land Sweets’ online recreational cannabis-infused edibles dispensary! We offer a user-friendly experience with a knowledgeable staff that’s here to guide you with information and advice on all our high-quality products.

We pride ourselves on giving adult consumers the information to help them make the best choices for their individual needs. Our easy-to-use menu includes THC percentages.

We always recommend starting with the lowest dose, so you can feel comfortable trying out a new product. We take the guesswork out of adult-use marijuana. Think of us as your cannabis sommelier.

Lisa Land Sweets is locally owned, is socially conscious, and we are committed to addressing the needs of underserved communities through activism.

Whether you are a first-time cannabis user looking to explore the benefits of marijuana use or a long-time connoisseur… Lisa Land Sweets, is focused on your needs and making your shopping process smooth, efficient, and enjoyable

Our edibles selection is curated with you in mind. Made from fresh-grown cannabis that is hand-selected to meet your every need.

We only bring you the finest quality-grown cannabis. What better way to stock up on delicious elevated treats than to simply order edibles online?

Experienced cannabis users know that the way you consume weed can make a huge difference in the impact you feel from it. While people traditionally default to smoking bud, the popularization of marijuana concentrates has given rise to alternative ways of using cannabis—and these concentrates can provide a different kind of experience.

This leads us to marijuana edibles. What are edibles? How are edibles different? What do Lisa Land Sweets edibles have in store for you? Read on to find out and shop our top-notch collection of edibles.

Typical cannabisinfused baked goods include brownies, cookiescakes, candies, and many others.

Discover thousands of beautiful and delicious desserts, cakes, and baked goods recipes and videos that are easy to make.

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